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Role Playing to Get The Conversation Started

Lets use some role playing as examples of how to get the conversations started. Mrs. Jones comes to you with pain in her mid-thoracic area, which is her usual primary complaint. Shes in a great deal of pain, so of course you address that first. There are also a few things other than her primary complaint that you know about her. She has poor posture, she carries things that are too heavy (like multiple bags of groceries), shes overweight, she doesnt exercise on a regular basis, and she takes an over-the-counter multi-vitamin.

Conversation #1

Have you ever done exercises to help your posture?

Mrs. Jones:
Ive done some yoga before, but its been a long time.

Lets improve your posture to help your spine. Id like you to start a home exercise program between appointments.

Now you have an opening to discuss the home therapy equipment you carry.

Conversation #2

What type of pillow do you sleep on?

Mrs. Jones:
Im not sure, but I bought it from a department store.

Id like you to use something with more support that will be therapeutic.

This is your opportunity to discuss the pillows that you sell.

Conversation #3

What vitamins do you take?

Mrs. Jones:
I take brand X that I buy at the drug store.

I want you to take extra vitamin D that is more absorbable than what you can get at the store.

Now you can talk about the difference between what you offer and whats available in a retail store, as well as the difference in how they are processed.

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