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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 18, 1998, Vol. 16, Issue 11

CCA Releases Natural Health Products Recommendations

By Editorial Staff
The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) presented the brief "Study of Natural Health Products" before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health in Ottawa.

The CCA team presenting the brief was David Peterson, DC, CCA president; Jim Meschino, DC, professor of nutrition at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; and nutritional expert Costa Papadopoulos, B.Sc., MHA, manager of professional affairs and health policy for the CCA.

The CCA's recommendations for natural health products (NHP):

  • NHPs are not drugs or foods, but a new category that requires a new regulatory definition.

  • There should be no unnecessary or inappropriate regulation that would eliminate or restrict public access to safe NHPs.

  • There should be two categories of NHPs: not high risk (product would remain in the public domain); high risk NHPs (require regulation and be available only on advice of a qualified health care professional).

  • A federal regulatory agency should be established to separate high-risk NHPs from not-high-risk ones, and determine which products may present higher risk when taken in combination with drugs or foods.

  • Investigate adverse reactions to NHPs reported by consumers and providers.

  • There should be quality controls in the manufacturing, packaging and labeling (no claims on labels without adequate scientific evidence).

The brief asserts that the regulatory agency for NHPs should also formulate clinical practice guidelines.

The 12-page CCA brief is available on request (in english or french). For more information contact:

Denys Begin
CCA communications
(416) 781-5656, ext. 23


Costa Papadopoulos
CCA professional affairs & health policy manager
(416) 781-5656, ext. 22

Canadian Chiropractic Association
1396 Eglinton Ave. W.
Toronto, Ontario M6C 2E4
Tel: (416) 781-5656; fax: (416) 781-7344


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