Dynamic Chiropractic – May 20, 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 11

Mississippi, Pennsylvania Pass Chiropractic Legislation

By Editorial Staff
Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove has signed Senate bill 2418 into law.

The bill amends Mississippi Code of 1972 to read:

"It shall be unlawful for any person, corporation or association to, in any manner, make claim, verbally, in writing, or by way of advertising, that they perform chiropractic or chiropractic-like adjustments/manipulation to the articulations of the human spine unless they hold a valid license to practice chiropractic (D.C.) in the state of Mississippi."
The chief proponent of the bill, Robert Gene "Bunky" Huggins (R-district 14), is chairman of the Public Health and Welfare committee.

The bill takes effect July 1, 2002.

Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker signed Senate Bill 1012, April 2, to amend the Chiropractic Act. Effective June 2, the act defines "manipulation/adjustment" as:

"a passive manual maneuver during which a joint complex is carried beyond the normal physiological range of motion, that are applied without exceeding the boundaries of anatomical integrity of the joint complex or other articulations, and that are intended to result in cavitation of the joint or reduce subluxation."
The bill, which passed unanimously, was sponsored by Republican Senators Rhoades; Murphy; Robbins; Punt; Mowery; Lemmond; Waugh; and Gerlach; and Democrats Costa, Logan and LaValle.

The work of DCs Mario Spoto, legislative chairman of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association (PCA), and Gene Veno, PCA executive director, played pivotal roles in garnering support from the Pennsylvania lawmakers.


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