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Doctors of chiropractic are recognized as capable, efficient providers of health care services, particularly for their emphasis on preventing illness and promoting health and wellness.

A recent two-part study sought to specify the role and use of maintenance care (MC) within the chiropractic profession. Part I focused specifically on chiropractors' attitudes toward MC and the preferred types of MC provided in U.S. chiropractic offices; part II addressed the frequency of MC use by the elderly.

Results from part I:

Chiropractors agree that the primary functions of maintenance care are to optimize health, prevent conditions from developing, reduce/relieve conditions, and minimize the recurrence of such conditions.

They also agree that MC should combine exercise, chiropractic adjustments/manipulation, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

While MC is recommended to nearly 80% of chiropractic patients, only 34% actually receive such care.

Results from part II:

Elderly patients make an average of 17 visits per year for chiropractic MC.

These patients report making only half the annual number of visits to medical doctors compared with the national average.

Stretching exercises, aerobic exercises, dietary advice and other prevention strategies are also recommended for this age group.

The moral to this story is clear: Chiropractors believe in providing well-balanced preventive care that focuses on maintaining wellness and dealing with potential health problems. Many people take advantage of this opportunity, but many more have yet to receive the benefits chiropractic can offer. Do you have friends or family who've never been to a chiropractor? Tell them about your experiences and help them follow the same road to wellness you've chosen.


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