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Safflower (hong hua)

Saffron (fan hong hua)

Sandalwood (tan xiang)

Sanguisorba Root (di yu)

Sappan Wood (su mu)

Sargent Gloryvine (hong teng)

Saw Palmetto (ju zong lu)

Schefflera (qi ye lian)

Schisandra (wu wei zi)

Schizonepeta (jing jie)

Scirpus (san leng)

Scopolia (S. carniolica Jacq.)

Scorpion (quan xie)

Scrophularia (xuan shen)

Scutellaria (huang qin)

Sea Cucumber (hai shen)

Sea Horse (hai ma)

Seaweed (hai zao)

Selaginella (shi shang bai)

Senna (fan xie ye)

Shiitake (hua gu)

Siegesbeckia (xi xian cao)

Siler Root (fang feng)

Slippery Elm (ulmus fulva)

Smilax (tu fu ling)

Smithsonite (lu gan shi)

Sophora Flower (huai hua mi)

Sophora Root (ku shen)

Spirodela (fu ping)

Stellaria (yin chai hu)

Stemona (bai bu)

Stephania (fang ji [han])

Sweet Annie (qing hao)

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