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Chalcanthite (dan fan)

What is chalcanthite? What is it used for?

Chalcanthite is a type of mineral, also known as hydrated copper sulfate. It usually forms near copper deposits, but is water-soluble, which gives it a rather unique ability to dissolve in water and recrystallize at a later time.

It is known for its bright blue color and sparkling crystals, making it a favorite of gemologists as well as those interested in its medicinal properties.

According to the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, chalcanthite has sour, acrid, cold and toxic properties, and is affiliated with the Liver meridian. Its main function is to eliminate toxins. Internally, it functions as a purgative and helps the body get rid of excess phlegm and poisons. Chalcanthite can also be applied externally for skin abscesses, inflammation, and the removal of necrotic tissue.

How much chalcanthite should I take?

The typical dose of chalcanthite is between 0.3 and 0.6 grams of powdered mineral, decocted in water for oral administration. Larger amounts can be used if chalcanthite is being applied externally. However, chalcanthite is poisonous, and should be used only with extreme caution.

What forms of chalcanthite are available?

Chalcanthite can be found most often in powder form. It is also sold as a pill, capsule and/or tablet.

What can happen if I take too much chalcanthite? Are there any interactions I should be aware of? What precautions should I take?

Chalcanthite is considered poisonous, and as such, should only be consumed or applied to the skin with extreme caution, and only under the supervision of a licensed health care provider. It should never be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or given to infants or small children. As always, make sure to consult with a licensed health care provider before taking chalcanthite or any other herbal remedy or dietary supplement.


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