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The WorkStation provides a practitioner with a convenient, professionally appearing, powerful combination of instruments that will enhance their care for their patient's at the same time it reduces wear and tear on themselves. The mobile WorkStation conveniently holds both instruments kits with all the heads and adaptors.

The ArthroStim® Kit contains 4 adjusting adaptors and an introductory video. The ArthroStim produces rapid, spring-cushioned recoiling thrusts. The power of the thrust can be changed (instantly) from ounces of force to 40 pounds of force.

The VibraCussor® Kit contains the 12-speed VibraCussor Instrument with 6 interchangeable heads and an introductory manual. It's motion creates comfortable compression waves that travel to the body's deepest connective tissues.

The WorkStation is available exclusively through IMPAC, Inc. IMPAC has been manufacturing instruments for the Chiropractic profession for 27 years.







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