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March 11, 2002 (Vol. 20, Issue 06)    View Digital Edition

ACA Hosts Managed Care Summit
     By Editorial Staff

The One Strategy for Preserving the Landscape
     By Arthur Croft, DC, MS, MPH, FACO

Let the Games Begin
     By Editorial Staff

     By Stanley Greenfield, RHU

G.L. Southall, Where Are You?
     By John Hanks, DC

Incorrect Body-Part Surgery Subject of Major Report
     By James Harrison

How Homeopathy Can Empower Any Chiropractic Practice
     By Frank King, DC

Neurofascial Therapy: Mastering Cutaneovisceral Reflexes
     By Ronald Lavine, DC

Selenium Supplementation and the Prevention of Colon Cancer
     By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

The Assassination of a Hero
     By Nancy Martin-Molina, DC, QME, MBA, CCSP

To Draw or Not to Draw Blood
     By Editorial Staff

PBS Films Chiropractic at Life West
Will Air on the Award-Winning "Scientific American Frontiers" Program
     By Editorial Staff

Going the Distance
If You're Going to Start Something, You'd Better Be Ready to Finish It!
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Calif. Prop 44 Gets Tough on Chiropractic Insurance Fraud
"Runners" Deemed Unprofessional
     By Editorial Staff

DC On-Line
     By Brian Sutton, DC

Texans Welcome President-Elect
     By Editorial Staff

TYH Breaks 100,000 Subscribers!
Consumers Continue to Demand Reliable Information about Chiropractic
     By Editorial Staff

We Get Letters & E-Mail

The Alliance of State Chiropractic Spokespersons
     By Chester Wilk, DC

No More Using PTs to Correct Subluxations
HHS Policy Letter Spells Major Victory for ACA and DCs
     By Editorial Staff
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