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February 26, 2001 (Vol. 19, Issue 05)    View Digital Edition

Upcoming Conference on Chiropractic History
     By Editorial Staff

Autism and Mercury: The San Diego Conference
     By Tim O'Shea, DC

Congress Appropriates $20 Million Increase in CAM Funding
NCCAM Funding: from $2 million in 1992 to Nearly $90 million this Year
     By Editorial Staff

CBS/Reliance: the Bottom Line
     By Stuart Hoffman, DC, president, ChiroSecure

U.S. Federal Court Rules against HHS Attempt to Dismiss ACA Lawsuit
     By Editorial Staff

TV's Homer Simpson Gets a Chiropractic Referral
     By Editorial Staff

The Inclination Adjustment
     By Joseph D. Kurnik, DC

Professors File Civil Rights Suit against Life U.
Claim Demotions and Terminations based on Religion
     By Editorial Staff

ACC Paradigm to be adopted by WFC?
ICA and ACA Request Its Adoption
     By Editorial Staff

Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
     By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR

What Effect Have We Had in the Minds of Our Patients?
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

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Chiropractors as Primary Care Providers
Interview with CEO James Zechman, Part II
     By Editorial Staff

ChiroClinix.com to Disable Patient Stores
     By Editorial Staff

Karaoke Research: Singing along with the Juggernaut
     By Anthony Rosner, PhD, LLD [Hon.], LLC

25,000 Patient/Consumer Subscribers in Less than Eight Months
Patients and Consumers Eagerly Subscribe to Learn More about Chiropractic
     By Editorial Staff
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