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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives -
February 9, 1998 (Vol. 16, Issue 04)    View Digital Edition

Dallas Metro Company Dancers Benefit from Chiropractic
     By Editorial Staff

Importance of the Industrial History
     By Scott Bautch and Steven Conway

Medicare and Freedom of Choice
     By Barbara Zapotocky-Cook, DC

Functional Anatomy: Rehabilitation Implications
     By Craig Liebenson, DC

Prescription Rights Denied in Colorado
     By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic's Triple Threat!
Three DCs Enter the Race for Congress
     By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic Touch
     By Charles Rollis, DC

It Is Winter: Some Warnings about the Flu, Chicken Pox, Tylenol, Aspirin and Children
     By Darryl Curl

Nursing Home Patients in Danger
     By Editorial Staff

Chlorine in the World: Good or Bad?
     By David P. Gilkey, DC, PhD, CPE, DACBOH and Holly A. Williams

Interesting Quotes
     By Editorial Staff

Rehabilitation Compliance
     By Kim Christensen, DC, DACRB, CCSP, CSCS

Are the Movements of the Wrist and Hand during Normal Physiologic Actions Simple or Complicated?
What do you think?
     By Keith Innes

Solutions to Preventing Practice Pollution
     By Gerald Lalla and Diane Lalla

News from Life University
     By Editorial Staff

1998: A Real Chance to Make a Difference in the Congress of the United States
     By Louis Sportelli, DC

Digital Headlines: News Sites on the Web
     By Michael Devitt

Construction Underway at Life U's Costa Rican Clinic
     By Editorial Staff

Prevention Magazine and Chiropractic
February Issue Opens Door to New Opportunities
     By Editorial Staff

Is There a Chiropractor in the House?
The Most Important Benefit of Having a DC in D.C.
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Evaluating Patterns of Function: Effects of Kinetic Chain Dysfunction on the Neck and Back
     By William D. Charschan, DC, CCSP

The New ChiroWeb
     By Editorial Staff

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