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July 31, 1992 (Vol. 10, Issue 16)    View Digital Edition

Downsizing Pays Off Big in Yellow Page Advertising
     By Anthony Battaglia, DC

MVAs and MMI: How Much Is Enough?
     By Arthur Croft, DC, MS, MPH, FACO

The Rhetoric of Space
     By Abne Eisenberg

Calif. State Assembly Republicans Back Chiropractic
Republicans ask Governor Wilson to Oppose Limits on Chiropractic Care under Workers' Comp.
     By Editorial Staff

Never Before!!
     By Editorial Staff

12th Annual Conference on Chiropractic History
LACC is Conference Site
     By Editorial Staff

A Farwell Toast to RHT
     By Debi Pugliese

Florida Business Magazine Berates Chiropractic
Cover Story Points Finger at DCs as Top Abusers of Workers' Comp.
     By Barbara Migliaccio

Louisiana HMO Law Gives Chiropractic a Foothold
     By Editorial Staff

South Carolina Association Honors Dr. Hank Hulteen
     By Editorial Staff

The Great Deception
What Else Would You Expect
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Chiropractic -- A Medical Doctor's Perspective
     By David Perlmutter, MD

CCE Accreditation for Postgraduate/Paraprofessional Programs?
Plus: Interview with Dr. Winterstein -- Overview of the CCE
     By Editorial Staff

What If -- Considerations, Both Practical and Clinical for the Cervicothoracic Area
     By Keith Innes

New ICD Codes Incorporate Chiropractic Terminology
Seven Years in the Works
     By Steve Kelly, managing editor

Running Injuries -- Starting Off on the Right Foot -- Part I
     By Kathleen M. Naughton, DC, CCSP

How To Get Healthy
     By Lendon H. Smith, MD

DCs Needed for World Corporate Games in London
     By Editorial Staff

The Changing Face of Industrial Health Care
     By Paul Hooper, DC, MPH, MS

A Non-Surgical Approach to the Management of Dupuytren's Contracture
     By R. Vincent Davis, DC, PT, DNBPM

Remuneration for Referrals -- Legal or Illegal? -- Part I
Federal Background Information
     By Rodney M. Phelps, JD, DC

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