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September 1, 1994 (Vol. 12, Issue 18)    View Digital Edition

Range of Motion Used as Impairment Yardstick. How Valid?
     By Arthur Croft, DC, MS, MPH, FACO

Hypochondriasis: An Intrapsychic Phenomenon
     By Abne Eisenberg

Competitive Aerobics
     By Alan K. Sokoloff, DC, CCSP

When It's Time to Start Over
     By Bernard D. Newman, Certified Financial Planner

     By Editorial Staff

Consumer Reports: An Analysis
     By Chester Wilk, DC

Burning Fat
     By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

Bennet X-Ray Donates Booth to American College of Chiropractic Radiology
     By Editorial Staff

Centennial Sponsors Donate $100,000 and Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of X-rays
     By Editorial Staff

CliniCorp Restructures to Survive
Interview with Robert Goldsamt
     By Editorial Staff

Orthopractic -- What's the Truth?
Is the Orthopractic Manipulation Society Trying to Deceive, or Is There Just "a Lot of Enthusiasm?"
     By Editorial Staff

News from Life College
     By Editorial Staff

Regional News Items
Foundation for Advancement of Chiropractic Education Gives NYCC a $75,000 Challenge
     By Editorial Staff

Get Your Limited Edition Centennial Pins Now
     By Editorial Staff

Variants on the Humerus that Simulate Pathology
     By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR

Pediatrics -- The Final Frontier
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

IQ -- Interesting Quotes
     By Editorial Staff

Beyond the Green Books
     By Joseph Keating Jr., PhD

Electrodiagnosis of Neuropathy at the Elbow
     By Jeffrey Scott, DC

Is it Safe to Adjust a Child's Spine?
     By Peter Fysh, DC

Montreal 94: ABS Meeting Nets High Scientific Yield -- Part II
Orthopaedic Medicine
     By Robert Cooperstein, MA, DC

Too Much Force!
     By Terry Elder, DC

Smoking and Low Back Pain
     By Ronald L. Rupert

"We Are the Only Hope for Survival of Chiropractic in France"
Students in Paris Struggle to Overcome Laws, Threats
     By Stephen Eckstone

We Get Letters

Visceral Manipulation
     By Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO
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