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January 1, 1997 (Vol. 15, Issue 01)    View Digital Edition

The Trouble with Air Bags
     By Arthur Croft, DC, MS, MPH, FACO

DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research)
     By Brian Sutton, DC

California College News
Life West
     By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic Documentary Airs Nationwide
New 30 Minute Version Airs on CNBC January 18 & 26
     By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic Chalkboard
     By Andrew Weil

Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Disorders
     By Craig Liebenson, DC

Q & A on New CPT Codes
     By Editorial Staff

Zinc Lozenges and the Common Cold
     By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

Chiropractic at 11,000 Feet -- The Flying Doctors of America
     By James Schantz, DC

Hospital Donations Largesse
Where Have We Gone Wrong?
     By William Risley, DC

The Catastrophic Effects of Pain and the Nature of Tissue Healing Are Not a Focus in Chiropractic Practice
     By David Seaman, DC, MS, DABCN

I.Q. -- Interesting Quote
     By Editorial Staff

Are We Preparing Our Students for the Future of Chiropractic?
     By Jean Moss

Hiring New Employees -- Quickly and Efficiently
     By Kiki Herfert

More on the Pronated Foot
     By Keith Innes

Life West Student Council
     By Editorial Staff

Our Debut
     By Louis Sportelli, DC

The World Still Wonders What to Make of the Internet
     By Marlene Miller

MR Neurography: Can This New Technology Appraise Chiropractic Objectively?
     By Editorial Staff

Your Place on the Internet
DC ChiroWeb Brings the Internet to Your Office
     By Editorial Staff

U.S. News & World Report Responds
     By Editorial Staff

The Parker Homecoming was Texas' largest chiropractic license renewal symposium.
     By Editorial Staff

Palmer Announces Ambitious Campus Renovations
The Palmer College of Chiropractic master plan calls for $34 million in campus improvements.
     By Editorial Staff

Occupational Neck Pain
     By Paul Hooper, DC, MPH, MS

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Why Is the Obvious Sometimes So Hard to See?
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Washington State Chiro Assoc. to Hold Winter Conference
     By Editorial Staff

We Get Letters & E-Mail

Validity of Lithuanian Whiplash Study Questioned
     By Editorial Staff

Western States Chiropractic College News
     By Editorial Staff

     By Editorial Staff
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