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June 1, 2014 (Vol. 32, Issue 11)    View Digital Edition

Returning to the Age of Radio
How to use free radio advertising to build your reputation and get new patients.
     By Steven Visentin

Managing the Meniscus (Part 2)
Surgical indications, conservative treatment options.
     By Mark Lueck, DC, PT, DPT

The Forgotten Rotator-Cuff Muscle
Evaluating and treating teres minor injuries.
     By Ben Benjamin, PhD

The End of the Chiropractic "E" Ticket?
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

The Struggle to Heal the Cervical Syndrome: Exploring Challenges and Solutions
     By Terry Elder, DC and Kevin Curtin, DC

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Elusive, But Easily Managed
     By Mark Charrette, DC

Doubling Breast Cancer Survival Rates With Vitamin D
     By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

How Much Is Enough? Chiropractic Philosophy in the "New" Health Care
     By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM, EMT

Chiropractic Research in Review

Assessing and Treating Peripheral Sensory Nerves
Applications for Low Back and Pelvic Pain
     By Marc Heller, DC

Knowing When to Mind Our Own Business
     By Stephen M. Perle, DC, MS

Clinical Pearls: Treating Dorsalgia, Intercostal Neuralgia and Thumb Tendinitis
     By Guy Hains, DC

Stress in the Modern Age: Impact on Homeostasis and What You Can Do (Pt. 2)
     By Jerry Jacobson, PhD, DMD, IOM

News in Brief
     By Editorial Staff

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