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January 1, 2013 (Vol. 31, Issue 01)    View Digital Edition

Oregon LBP Guidelines: Try Chiropractic First
New LBP guidelines recommend spinal manipulation as only nondrug intervention for first four weeks of care.
     By Vern Saboe Jr., DC, DACAN, FICC, DABFP

Don't Forget About the PQRS
Failure to report measures in 2013 will cost you.
     By Susan McClelland

Court Defends DC Scope in Texas Again
     By James Edwards, DC

The War Is Not Over
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Climber's Elbow: Diagnosis and Conservative Treatment Protocols
     By K. Jeffrey Miller, DC, MBA

Statin Drugs: Overprescribed, Pose Unnecessary Health Risks
     By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

Why 2013 May Be a Great Year for Chiropractic Buyer / Seller Transitions
     By Tom Necela, DC

Skepticism or Cynicism?
     By Stephen M. Perle, DC, MS

The Sesamoids Can Be a Pain
     By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR

Growth Strategies for the New Year
     By Mark Sanna, DC, ACRB Level II, FICC

Chronic Water Polo Injury in an Adolescent Athlete: Assessment and Management
     By Nancy Martin-Molina, DC, QME, MBA, CCSP

Research Abstracts From the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics
October 2012 Abstracts Volume 35, Issue 8

Legacy and Lifestyle: Epigenetics and the Potential for Chiropractic
     By Christopher Kent, DC, Esq.

News in Brief
     By Editorial Staff
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