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January 1, 2011 (Vol. 29, Issue 01)    View Digital Edition

Why Health Care Costs for LBP Are So High
Initiating care with an MD for back pain results in much higher health care costs than going to a DC, says study.
     By Peter W. Crownfield, Executive Editor

CAM for Back and Neck Pain: Review of the Research
Massive report reviews the research database relative to chiropractic, other therapies.
     By Editorial Staff

Pulsing in Laser Therapy, Part 1
Understanding different output modes.
     By Phil Harrington, DC, CMLSO

A First for COCSA: Dr. Kate Rufolo Elected President
     By Editorial Staff

A Golden Opportunity for McDonald's to Finally Do the Right Thing
     By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Why Do Weight-Loss Programs Fail?
     By Jasper Sidhu, BSc, DC

Anatomy Texts Got It All Wrong
     By Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO

The Increasing Threat of Syndemics and the Role of Chiropractic Care
     By David J. Brunarski, DC, MSc, FCCS(C)

Stop Chasing the Pain: The Example of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis
     By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

The Nutrients We Need: RDA vs. TUL
     By Jared Skowron, ND

Pain Following Muscle Injection
     By Marco Lopez, DC, CCEP

When Should Women Start Getting Mammograms? A Question of Safety
     By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR

Case Study: Treating a Patient With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
     By Kenneth Muhich, DC

Peculiar Circumstances for a Chiropractic Adjustment
     By John Hanks, DC

Conservative Treatment of Repetitive-Stress Injuries: Exercise Is the Key
     By Adam Silk, DC

Shifting Out of Neutral: How to Increase Your Drive for Success
     By Shelley Simon, RN, DC, MPH, EdD

A Four-Dimensional Model of Vertebral Subluxation
     By Christopher Kent, DC, Esq.

Inspiring the Future of the Profession
     By Mark Wade, Student Chair, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

News in Brief
     By Editorial Staff

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